Once home, I was able to really asses what I had just purchased. I had wanted a 58 Plymouth for so long, I didn't go over the car as well as I should. I did, however, do as best of a search as I could for rust while it was still at the original owners place. I had already been burned once on a car that was very VERY rusty, and not worth the time, money and effort to restore, so I was definitely taking a better look this time round.

As luck would have it, the car was considerably solid. Rust was in the typical areas, but not as bad as one would expect of a late fifties Chrysler product. The real shocker came when I started looking what all was there, and what was missing. It looks as though the only parts missing were the jack assembly, trunk mat, rear window, record player, and rear speaker! What a find! Oh, but it gets better. Her option list goes through the roof, especially for a 4dr HT car. She is loaded, with all the factory creature comforts that the Plymouth Division had available.

The options are, but not limited to:

• 318ci V8 Engine (2bbl)
• 3spd Pushbutton Automatic
• 8 ¾ SureGrip rear end
• Power Steering
• Power Brakes
• AirTemp Air Conditioning (in-dash)
• Front and Rear Bumper Wings
• Sport Tone Trim with Aluminum inserts
• Dual exterior Twin Strut mirrors
• Hood Light
• Decklid Light
• Power Windows
• Front Power Seat
• Rear windshield defroster
• "Searchtune" 917 MoPar AM radio
• Front and Rear 2 speaker sound
• and lastly, a Highway HiFi Record Player

She was definitely an ordered car as seen by the options list. Although there was no buildsheet to be found with the car, the option list is verified but what is on the car. The record player, however, is long gone, but was definitely there. The plug was in the radio (which, by the way, was in the trunk when I bought her. Radio must have died and a standard radio was purchased to replace it, but luckily this time, the original was kept). The brackets are still under the dash. Since this is an A/C car, the player was not mounted in the center of the dash, instead, it was mounted on the passenger side.

The pictures on the right show the car as it sat at the owners house. These pictures were also taken by the owner for me, to give me an idea what I was coming to look at. I was sold on the spot anyway, but its always nice to see something before you buy it! The pictures to follow are what I found once I got her home and cleaned her up a little.

First day at her new home - August 18, 1996

This is where she was sitting in Arlington, Texas - 1996

The interior as found

The Dash picture I recieved

Will require some work