MUCH has changed since out last installment of PROJECT BELVY! I know I have been slacking in updates, but with my unemployment, new business venture (by the way, that's Go there to get ALL your nifty Forward Look t-shirts and a WHOLE lot more!).

Well anywhoo, the front fenders are done. Paul has managed to work his magic and turned some old worn out fenders into a work of art. Easily 50 hours or more went into these beauties, and they show it! They look PRIMO!! Pictures of the Fenders are coming (have to dig them out again, have them buired in my 57 DeSoto for safe keeping right now). Below are the disassembled and primed Belvy.

WARNING - The photos below may scare some, but rest assured, she will survive!

Engine prior to removal - January 5, 2003