Well, it's out. Now comes the tiresome task of taking all the little parts apart. This includes the removal of everything fromt he firewall AND ALL the interior components. Dash included. What a mess too. The animals that called this car home for so many years had a field day under the dash with the wiring, chewing and eating as many wires, cable housing, etc. that they could get their grubby little mouths on. As such, it looks as though the wiring harness is going to have to be replaced. That and it's very brittle from age, and personally, I just dont trust it NOT to catch fire. Best off to spend the money now on a new harness than try and rebuild a fresh restoration thats burned to the ground.

WARNING!! More ugly teardown picture await you! You have been warned!

Anyone know how to get these nuts out?!?!? Standard socket is just TO BIG!

Behind the now removed instrument cluster. What a mess.

Dash disassembly part II - Coming Soon!